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  • I would have liked to personally say thank you for granting me the scholarship but perhaps that is not possible. I would not have been able to graduate without your help. It still seems like yesterday since I found out you accepted me as your scholar. The memory is …

    Janica Garcia

    graduate scholar of the PJ Lhuillier Foundation’s Nationwide Scholarship Program





More News

  • The Search is on for the next Happiest Pinoy!



    Nomination to the Search

    Who can be nominated: Any Filipino of legal age, good moral character, and residing in the Philippines. Who can nominate: Any Filipino of legal age, group, or organization. Deadline: Nominations can be submitted from October 24, 2014 until March 31, 2015.

    Submission of Entries

    You can get the nomination form through the following ways:

    1.Download the nomination form from the Happiest Pinoy Website or through Happiest Pinoy Facebook Page

    2. …

    read more

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